today i finally figured out that my baby will proably definately grow up without his father in his life. I did love his dad, we were together from the seventh grade until i was six months pregnant and i truly did cre for him. It makes me wonder that if he doesnt come around very very soon what i am going to tell my little man about why daddy didnt want to be in his life.

i already hack enough crap for being a single teen mum and let me tell ya, it sucks! i never thought that in a million years i would be a single mum at seventeen and i didnt plan it either.

Dont get me wrong, i love my son, he is my everything but sometimes i wonder if this all is really worth it and if i made the right choice but keeping him.

People need to understand that shit happens and unfortunately sometimes being a single mum at seventeen is what being a stupid naive teenager leads to.

i am not going to use the excuse that we had done it before without contraception and nothing had happened so why would this time be any different and all that garbage. we had done it before without it and nothing did happen and now i know that was a stupid idea.

Braylen was the product of a silly mistake but out of that mistake i gained the best gift i could have wished for, a healthy baby boy.

i just wish that his daddy would want to see him grow up. i know it will be hard, it already is but i am ready to tackle whatever challenges come my way.

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